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At MARINACOLOR you can make any query through our official means of communication, we are here to answer your questions and solve your needs. Remember that we are the best paint supplier.

Our company was born with the intention of satisfying a demand, but also to contribute to the proper use of the products we sell. We achieve this through demonstrations or workshops that we periodically offer to our clients. It is very important that both our commercials and our customers know the products and how to use them properly.

Hire a trusted paint supplier

At MARINACOLOR you can find everything you need to paint and this is thanks to the fact that we have a quality customer service, where we want you to feel satisfied with each of the products you purchase.

It is important that you know that we are an expanding company, always looking for the most appropriate solutions for each of our customers' needs, therefore, we are distributors of multiple manufacturers.

These are some of the providers we work with:

We hope to count on you, we guarantee a safe and effective purchase

At MARINACOLOR we hope to have you, contact our customer service team so that you can find out about the different proposals we have for you, we have an organized work system and we assure you of a quality purchase. The prices that we have established for each of the products are totally competitive.

We have extensive experience in the market, which gives us the certification to be one of the most recommended companies in Alicante. We have a coverage capacity at the provincial level and we make shipments nationwide.